Sample Williams Documents
SBCSS Williams System Checklist
District Level
District Master Calendar2006-07 CDE SARC Template (publishing year 2007-08)
CSBA Sample Sufficiency Resolution
Textbook Replacement Procedures
School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Certification of Minutes
Board Minutes
School Level
School Calendar (K-12)Classroom Roster (Elementary/Self-Contained Middle)
Bell Schedule (K-12)Master Schedule (Preferred Template)
School Map (K-12)Science Lab Equipment Worksheet (9-12)
Classroom Roster (Elementary/Self-Contained Middle)
Master Schedule (6-12 Departmentalized)
Sample UCP Notice for Classroom Posting
Team Members
Course Selection Worksheet (9-12)Selection Matrix - Departmentalized Middle School
Pictures of RLA Materials (2002-2008 Adoption)Course Selection Worksheet (9-12)
Pictures of Math Materials (2001-2007 Old Adoption)Visit Documentation Submission Checklist
Pictures of Math Materials (2007-2013 New Adoption)
Pictures of History/Social Science Materials (2005-2011 Adoption)
Pictures of Science Materials (2006-2012 Adoption)